Monday, March 12, 2012

Fukushen Gardens

We usually venture North on the island when we want to explore, but this day we headed south.  Tucked away on some obscure road in between concrete buildings is a beautiful Chinese Garden. 

Behind this waterfall are all these little tunnels.  The kids
played for hours in here.  

They played tag in this lil' building.  Hope it wasn't some sacred place.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


In January Taylor set the goal to learn to ride her bike and by golly if anyone sets their mind to do something, it's her.  Plus I think bribing her with the possibility of  getting a bike that actually fits her might have helped.  She also informed me that when she grows up she is going to have 10 kids--5 boys and 5 girls and their names will include Rose, Cherry Blossom, Derek and Vod.  And Vod will be fat.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gratitude and Service

In November and December, the Team Palmer School had a lot of discussions about gratitude and service.  Mrs. Palmer had an idea.  The children would pick, out of a jar, a piece of paper with a service to do.  When they had done the service in whatever way they decided, Mrs. Palmer would write it on the paper, stick the paper in a balloon and tape it to the wall.  Any acts of service through out the day could be written down and any thing they were grateful for could be added too.   The class goal was to fill the wall with as many balloons as possible.  They filled the wall.  They popped the balloons.  They took the next few weeks reading the acts of kindness and feelings of gratitude.  Our pieces of paper became "flecks of gold" (based on this little video)  and the children looked forward to reading these before class.  If only Mrs. Palmer would have thought to take a picture before all the balloons had been popped and half of them had been taken down.  But at least she remembered in time to capture this.  It will be a tradition every year.

Oura Wan

 Our Oki family. 

 We made a little island with the treasures we found at the beach.

 Landon is digging the hole to hold his palm tree.


Zakimi Castle Ruin

This was our adventure one sunny/cloudy/cold Sunday afternoon.  Sometimes we feel like staying at home and taking naps and just relaxing on Sundays.  And this is good.  But it's ALWAYS better when we go outside and explore the island.

33--Forest Adventure Park

My birthday was the best day ever. For a few hours I felt young (er). It took my brain a little while to let go and remember what it used to be like before motherhood/adulthood. Free. Not thinking about all the things left undone or thinking back on the things done. To not think. To just be. To laugh and play and not worry and to really enjoy the moment. Oh, to really feel like a kid again--it was the best birthday gift ever.  Thanks, E.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The end of babyhood

I really don't like the end of babyhood. Especially the end to this baby's babyhood. Growing up I never realized how much I would love babies. I mean, I grew up not having a baby around.  And I honestly never even babysat once. In fact, I was very uncomfortable with babies and kids. When I found out I was pregnant with Landon I was in denial and didn't even tell Erin for a week afterwards that I was pregnant. I remember wanting Landon to stay in my womb for ever and never come out. It's interesting how we change over the course of just a few years. Now, every time I have a baby (which has only been 4 times), I love babyhood even more.  I secretly believed that this time, she would just stay a baby.  I kind of thought she really would not grow up.  But blasted's happened again.  It's the end of her babyhood--and the end of me ever experiencing it again.  I'm sad.  (Erin, on the other hand, can't wait to get rid of the crib and car seat and 10 extra totes of clothes).

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Camping: Okinawa Prefectural Forest--Onna Village

We went on a weekend camping trip with some good friends of ours.  All of our neighbors were friendly Japanese people that tried to speak our language.  Funny that we are in their land, and they are trying to speak our language.  They were so nice to the kids, but our kids are still shy Americans.  I hope they get better.  At this particular campsite, they had a bike track, down hill grass skiing (it was too wet for us to try, but we will be back when it's dry--hey, I just rhymed), hiking trails, a roller slide and a zip line.  We love camping!! 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Taylor turns 5

She really wants to do what is right. And tells me when she does something wrong.

A--Always Helping.
If I want something done, I know who to ask. And usually I don't have to ask because the task is already done.

I can count on Tay to say Yes instead of "Why?" "I can't." "No." " I don't want to." "I have to go to the bathroom." "My legs hurt."

She really does love everyone. And wants to hug everyone. And kiss everyone. S.O.S!

This girl wants it her way. But really, what girl doesn't?

R--Rely on.
She is really a person you can really on. I hope our friendship will grow because she's the type of friend I want.

Tradition: Sleeping on the tramp on her birthday

Birthday Party: Beauty Salon

Birthday Party: Prince Charming arrives

Dancing with Prince Charming

The Cake

Taylor came struttin' in one day while I
was teaching Landon at school and says
"Ya, I'm a rock star. I rock. Ya!"

Monday, October 17, 2011

My New BFF

Check out who came to visit our little island and did an impromptu youth fireside/devotional at our church last night. When I came home, Erin was playing "Imagine" and was wearing a print out of David Archuleta's face as a mask (j/k--but he was going to). He only sang two songs, but they were " Crazy vocals." I don't know why, but my adult brain turns off in situations like this. You know, when there's a party or I'm with a group of girls or when I'm doing karaoke. I no longer think about my actions. My only goal is to have fun at any expense. So, anyway, I accidentally cut in line to have my picture taken with him. Yes, in front of all those youngsters who had been waiting for a long time so patiently. My bad behavior was pointed out to me by another adult who still had her adult brain working. Well, at least I got the picture with Archuleta--Japanese style.